Перелік англомовних публікацій професора О.С.Макаренка, Голови Правління ГО “СЕНС”

Перелік наукових здобутків та інтересів (тільки англомовні публікації)

Макаренко 1

Prof. dr. Alexander Makarenko, Chairman of the Board of Non Government Organisation «Social-economical innovations in Society»


Lecture courses at domestic university:
Functional Analysis; Probability theory and mathematical Statistics; Nonlinear Analysis; Linear Algebra and Analytical Geometry; Mathematical Modeling of Physical Processes; Numerical Solution of Singularly Perturbed Equations; Mathematical Modeling of Social Processes; Introduction to Neural Network Methods; Introduction to Social Informatics; Synergetics of Social Processes; Ideas and Concepts of Contemporary Science.
Visiting professor at: University of Salerno (Italy), Academy of Mining and Metallurgy (Krakow, Poland), University of Groningen (Holland), Institute of Bionics at TU Berlin (Berlin), Institute of Bioinformatics (Munich), Fourier University (Grenoble), TU of Vienna (Vienna)
Adviser of more then 10 Ph.D. students and more then 60 graduated students
Creator of new educational specialty in Ukraine – SOCIAL INFORMATICS
Lecturer at new educational specialty SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND GOVERNANCE: GLOBAL AND REGIONAL CONTEXTS – Courses: ‘Global Modeling of Sustainable Development’; “Mathematical Optimization and Modeling for Regional Environmental Management’.

Member of journals editorial boards:
Geoinformatica Polonica (Poland)
Mathematical Modeling (Ukraine)
Analysis, Modeling and Control (Ukraine)
Vistnik of Vinnitza Politechnic Institute (Ukraine)
Research Bulletin of NTUU ‘KPI’ (Ukraine)
System Analysis and Information Technologies (Ukraine, formerly)
Reviewer in journals:
Optimization (Taylor &Francis)
Optimization Letters (Springer)
European J. of Operational research (Elsevier)
Review of Mathematical Physics
Nonlinear Analysis: Modeling and Control (Lithuania)
Reviewer of more then 30 papers at international conferences
MEMBERSHIP: ESSA – European Social Simulation Association; Euroscience; International Society of Gaming and Simulation (formerly); International Society of System Research (formerly); IFAC Working Group Supplementary Ways for Improving International Stability (SWIIS) (formerly); Conflictological Society of Ukraine; Atlantic Council of Ukraine; iNEER – International Network Engineering Education and Research; BIONIK-International

Membership in International Academy of Art, Science and Technology (IIAS, Windzor, Canada)
Best Papers Awards at Int. Conf. CASYS’2005 (Liege, Belgium, 2005)
Best Papers Awards at Int. Conf. CASYS’2000 (Liege, Belgium, 2000)
Official letters with gratitude from exhibitions CeBIT 2006 (Germany), Ukraine-Poland 2004

SOME RECENT PUBLICATIONS, mostly in English (1996 – 2015):

1. Makarenko A. The Principles, Models and Applications in Society Evolution. Book of Abstracts. 1st Int. Conf. on ANTICIPATION, 05-07 November 2016. Univ. Trento, Italy 2015. P.74.
2. Makarenko A. Toward Multivaluedness Aspects in Self-Organization, Complexity and Computations Investigations. Forth Int. Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics and Sinchronization INDS’15, July 31, Klagenfurt, Austria, Alpen-Adria University, 2015. Pp. 84-93.
3. Danilenko V.A., Danevich T.B., Makarenko O.S., Moskaliuk N.M., Skurativskiy S.I., Vladimirov V.A. Qualitative analysis of mathematics models of relaxing media with spatial and temporal nonlocality Algebras, Groups and Geometries, 2015, vol.32, n.1. pp. 1-52.
4. Danilenko V.A., Danevich T.B., Makarenko O.S., Moskaliuk S.S., Skurativskiy S.I., Vladimirov V.A. Mathematical modeling in hydrodynamics with memory. Algebras, Groups and Geometries, 2015, vol.32, n.1. pp. 53-88
5. MakarenkoA., Samorodov E. Geoinformational systems as the tool for reforms supporting. Problems, examples and possibilities. Materials of 5th Int. sci. conf. ‘Information technologies and computer engineering’ Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 27-29 May 2015. Pp. 51-52. [in Ukrainian]
6. Makarenko A. System analysis in brain, hierarchy of their models and possibilities for artificial intelligence development. Computational Intelligence. 3rd Int. Conf. Tchercassy, Ukraine, May 2015. 2 p. [in Ukrainian].
7. Terpil I., Makarenko A. Simulation of public opinion with ideas of cellular automata. LNCS. # 8751, 2014. 518-525 p.
8. Makarenko A. Towards system analysis and modeling of global sustainable development. In: Civization at the Crossroads Response and Responsibility of the Systems Sciences. Book of Abstracts of Europian Meetings on Cybernetics and System Research. BCSSS, Vienna, 2014. pp. 427-430,
9. Zavertanniy V.V., Makarenko A. Interactions and changing of cooperating strategy of artificial life with nonhomogeneous space. In: Analysis, Modeling and Control. Kyiv, IASA, 2013. vol. 1. pp. 27-41. (in Ukrainian).
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17. Makarenko A. Cellular Automata with Strong Anticipation Property of Elements. Proc. 19th Int. Workshop on Cellular Automata and discrete Complex Systems (AUTOMATA-2013) – Exploratory Papers (Gissen, Germany, 17-19 September 2013). IFIG Research Report 1302, 2013, pp. 49-56..
18. Makarenko A. Towards understanding of risks and suatainability on global, regional and local levels. 26th Eoropean Conference of operational research EURO-26, Roma, Italy, 01-04 July 2013. p. 30
19. Makarenko A. Mathematical models for hyperbolic hydrodynamics with memory and special solutions with self-origins of collapse. Book of Abstracts of MMM-13: Mathematics, Mechanics and Modeling, a tribute to Zbignev Peradzynski, joint with 13th Conference Mathematics in Technical and Natural Scvience, Bedlewo, Poland , 23-27 September 2013. 1 p.
20. Makarenko O. Mathematical Modeling of Brain Activity Connected with Information and the Structure of Universe. Abstract of 6th Int. Conf on memory of A. Petrov. Kiev, 05-08 September 2013. Int. Theor. Phys. NAS of Ukraine. P. 18.
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28. Makarenko A. Poveshenko G., Samorodov E. OR approaches for forecasting, managing and transparency supporting of election campaigns in developing countries Abstracts of Workshop ‘EWG-ORD PhD Workshop’ at EURO XXV, Vilnius, Lithuania, 8-11 July, 2012 . 1 p.
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190 RECENT PUBLICATIONS (1996 – 2015), 71 PUBLICATIONS before 1996

Co-chair and co-organizer NATO ARW “The Impact of recent global Crises on Human awareness and Behavior in risk Conditions” (2006)
Scientific Secretary and one of organizers of 1st – 3rd Int. Conferences ‘Nonlinear Analysis and Applications (Kiev, Ukraine, 2010, 2012, 2015).
Member of org-committee (PC) of more then 20 meetings including
AACIMP 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 – 1-9th International Summer Science School-Seminars ‘Achievements of Contemporary Informatics, Mathematics and Physics’
Chare and Co- chair of more then 30 sessions at international conferences

ANTICIPATION (Trento, Italy, November 2015), MNTP’15 (Zacopane, Poland, September 2015), 35th Conf. on system analysis and cybernetics (Baden-Baden, August 2015), INDS’15 (Klagenfurt, July 2015), DYMULT’15 (Dresden, June 2015), Scholarships for Science and Education (Bern, Switzerland, January, 2015), ACRI 2014 (Krakow, September 2014), EURO 26 (Roma, July 2013), AUTOMATA2013 (Giessen, Germany, September 2013), MNTP’12 (Krinica, Poland, September 2013), ACRI 2012 (Santorini, September, 2012), ICNC-12 (Rostov-on-Don, September,2012), ICCS-12 (Kazan, August 2012), COSY’11 (Ohrid, Macedonia, 2011), INDS’11 (Klagenfurt, 2011, MNTP’12 (Krinica, Poland, 2012), eGovDays (Ljubliana, Slovenia, May 2011), MNTP’10 (Krinica, Poland, 2010), ICDN-09 (Sevillia, 2009); EURO 23 (Bonn, 2009); INDS’09 (Klagenfurt, 2009); ICNC-09 (Rostov–on–Don, 2009); 5th Int. Conf. “Knowledge–Based technologies and OR (Vilnius, 2009); DISMA 08 (Elche 2008); INDS’08 (Klagenfurt, July 2008); eGovDays (Prague, April 2008); Human–Centred Processes (Delft, June 2008); Workshop on Bionics (Berlin, June 2007, December 2009); EURO XXII – European Conference on Operational Research (Prague, July 2007); Cellular automata for research and industry. ACRI 2006, (Perpignian, France, 2006); NATO ARW The Impact of recent global Crises on Human awareness and Behaviour in risk Conditions (Tallinn, Estonia, 2006); 4 th Eastern European e-Gov Days (Prague, Chechia,2006); World Exhibition CeBIT (Hannover, Germany, 2008, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002); CASYS (Liege, Belgium, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011)