Organization "Social and economic INNOVATIONS IN SOCIETY"

Chairman of the Board: Makarenko Alexander, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, Professor

Executive Director: Karp'ûk Larisa, social psychologist

Legal address: str., Kyiv, Trostyanets, 6 g

The identification code of the legal person: 39884570 date of registration: 08.07.2015

E-mail for contacts:

Dear visitors of our site!

We want to introduce you to the activities of our newly formed NGO "social and economic innovations in society." We all r ʼ everyone coming on a voluntary basis to implement what the West called future tanks, i.e. activities, ʼ the global restructuring of society.

SIX logo1TO OUR ORGANIZATION : merge and protect the interests of scientists, innovators – the theorists and practitioners to address systemic challenges faced by the Ukrainian society, improving the quality of life in Ukraine. And we strive to connect objects to such ʼ layer of citizens who are able to understand and carry out effective reforms in Ukraine;
For a long time we develop plans, programs, projects, etc., and measures for their implementation; provide analysis and forecasting of the psychological state of society.

Forms and directions of activities:

  1. help communities, organizations, local governments in the implementation of innovative projects;
  2. promoting theoretical and applied research in the fields of science, economy and society and their popularization in Ukraine;
  3. assistance in practical implementation of various research projects and business opportunities involving its members, other state, public and private structures. Expertise and scientific support start-ups;
  4. promotion of international relations and growing prestige of Ukrainian scientists and experts working in the field of information modeling system reform society, various branches of science, economics, government and public institutions and processes in civil society;
  5. ensuring the growth of positive image of Ukraine abroad;
  6. implementation and protection of rights and freedoms, social satisfaction, including economic, social, cultural, scientific, environmental, and other interests of the citizens of Ukraine and other countries and stateless persons;
  7. the promotion of research and testing in the areas of economy, science and social processes;
  8. the promotion of independent scientific expertise in these areas, the formulation of guidelines for their practical application;
  9. distribution of achievements in innovation via training centers, webinars, lectures, publishing books and articles, creating popular science programs using mass media, creating their own Internet TV;
  10. promoting voluntary actions of other NGOs in reforming society;
  11. information services to interested public, public and private institutions in Ukraine and abroad in accordance with the purpose and objectives of the envisaged this Charter with the requirements of legislation on copyright;
  12. editorial action in the publication of scientific, popular scientific literature, manuals, specialized newspapers, newsletters and magazines;
  13. advertising research results and promote them with the media;
  14. organization of competitions to identify the best research and applied work in the above named areas;
  15. organization of conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, meetings and trainings;
  16. promoting training socio-economic innovation;
  17. initiating and maintaining mutual relations, development cooperation with scientific institutions and industry associations, universities and other public and private institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership in Ukraine and in other countries, participation in international congresses, conferences, symposia, meetings , exhibitions and other events;
  18. search for investors, including foreign, to invest in business projects put forward by the Members of the existing entities in Ukraine or to create a new collective and private enterprises and entities of other organizational and legal forms of ownership for driving Business in Ukraine;
  19. implement the necessary economic and legal analysis of the proposed investment projects, organization of their selection and peer review, search their performers both in Ukraine and abroad, including on a competitive basis;
  20. provision of training feasibility studies and business plans of investment projects, market research, etc., by themselves and by outsourcing both domestic and foreign experts and expert organizations;
  21. monitoring the efficiency of investment projects and, if necessary, developing recommendations in this regard;
  22. with the participation of entities in the joint financing of investment projects by attracting the necessary funds;
  23. cooperation with international financial institutions, governmental and non-financial organizations of foreign states on questions of attracting investment in Ukraine for joint undertakings of Ukrainian investment projects;
  24. search for potential investors and creditors for investment projects for domestic business, providing information on investment opportunities and potential partners of conditions for investment activity;


The organization has the right to:

  1. represent and defend their legitimate interests and legitimate interests of its members in state bodies and non-governmental organizations;
  2. be a party in civil law relations, acquire property and non-property rights under the laws of Ukraine;
  3. receive from state bodies and local authorities the information necessary to implement its goals and objectives;
  4. make appropriate proposals to the government and management on the activities of the Organization;
  5. to participate in accordance with the procedure set out in the legislation consultative, advisory and other subsidiary bodies formed by state authorities, local self-government;
  6. Volunteering establish unions (of) others, including international, to conclude agreements on cooperation and mutual assistance;
  7. maintain direct contacts with international organizations, citizens of other countries to enter into appropriate agreements and to participate in international events on the activities of the Organization, which do not contradict international obligations of Ukraine;
  8. disseminate information and promote their ideas and objectives;
  9. found mass media;
  10. enter into any transactions of civil law, acquire property and other rights necessary for the implementation of the statutory objectives;
  11. obtain a lease or free use of temporary buildings, equipment, vehicles and other property, which is necessary for the implementation of the statutory objectives;
  12. carry out non-profit activities envisaged by the Charter, and other activities (including profit) by creating institutions and organizations without status as well as with legal status, businesses, foundations etc., in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine;
  13. open accounts in local and foreign currencies in banks;
  14. publish scientific and methodical performance of, conduct informational campaign;
  15. organize and conduct events (meetings, promotions, briefings, etc.);
  16. participate, organize and conduct competitions, tournaments other forms of public events, lectures, round tables, seminars, conferences, including via the Internet and other means of electronic communication, exhibitions, consultations with representatives of the public, state and local authorities and experts from various fields of social life, including international;
  17. implement investment projects and the development of economic, scientific and public expertise;
  18. implement education and training activities;
  19. to enter into unions, associations and other groups that are created on a voluntary basis and contribute to the statutory tasks, including with foreign partners;
  20. share information, experiences and experts from organizations of foreign countries;
  21. have its own symbols, which is subject to state registration in accordance with the law of Ukraine, to promote their name and symbols;
  22. create and implement various projects to implement the program, using different forms of activity that is not contrary to the Charter, the legislation and international treaties of Ukraine.


  1. Membership in the Organization is voluntary.
  2. Members may be citizens of Ukraine, citizens of foreign states and stateless persons who have reached the age of 18, recognizing its Charter and actively contribute to the goals and objectives of the statute. Membership in the Organization is fixed and confirmed entries in the Register of Members.
  3. The advantage of acquiring membership of the granted to persons who have scientific publications in the fields of science, economy and society or practice embodied in the idea that the purpose and objective of the Charter of the Organization and recognize.
  4. A person may be elected an honorary member of the Organization for excellence in science and scientific discoveries, or for particular services to the Organization and active educational activities. The decision taken by the Board on the recommendation of at least two of its members. Honorary Members may participate in the activities of the organization in an advisory capacity.
  5. Admission to Members on the basis of the application. Collective members on the basis of the protocol approved by the competent authority and submitted by an authorized person. Application (protocol) of the applicant considered by the Board, which makes decisions in accordance with the procedure set out in the Notice of membership in the Organization.


  1. Company in accordance with its statutory objectives eligible for international relations and activities in the manner prescribed by this Constitution and the laws of Ukraine.
  2. International activities carried out by the Organization of participation in international projects, international organizations, and other forms that do not contradict the legislation of Ukraine, norms and principles of international law.
  3. In the implementation of the international organization enjoys the full scope of rights and obligations of legal entity.
  4. Organization:
    - Organize the exchange of delegations, conducting with foreign partners meetings, consultations, seminars, competitions, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, etc., and sends representatives to participate in the relevant activities outside Ukraine;
    - Jointly with foreign research organizations, in accordance with the directions of its activities, publishes their results;
    - Implementing other joint programs and projects with foreign partners and international organizations that do not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine.