Scientific-practical Conference "Education reform in Ukraine: the basic directions and mechanisms" (1st session)

Scientific and Practical Conference
"Educational reform in Ukraine: the basic directions and mechanisms".

1st session took place on 22 March 2016 at the Museum of Aviation
address: Kiev, UL. Spasskaya, 16 b.

Organizers: NGO "social and economic innovations in society"
("CENS"), the Museum of Aviation in Kyiv.
The Conference involved leading scientists, experts, experts in the field of implementation of the reforms.

Main topics

• System analysis of the reform of school education.
• Revision of legislation, legal aspects.
• Features of functioning of society.
• Education and science.

The Conference will be continued as a series of events. The aim is to produce the key mechanisms of reform

Conference programme (1st session)

10.00 – 10.15. Registration of participants (getting started for coffee)
10.15-10.40. Welcome Word Spring GI, Director of the Aviation Museum in Kyiv – "the study of the history of Aviation in Ukraine as a means of instilling genuine citizen"
10.40 – 11.20. The speech of Chairman of the Board of the Organization, "meaning" Makarenko o.s., head of Department of the Institute for applied system analysis "NTUU" KPI "–" system problems of education and urgent task to reform the industry.
11.20 – 11.40. The performance of the Campo VM, candidate of legal sciences, judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine retired – "the Tasks of the Ukrainian school-formation of human dignity and comprehensive development of the citizen".

11.40 – 12.00. Speech of m. Gorbačuka, Dr. of physical-mathematical sciences, s. n. s. Institute of Cybernetics named glushkov – "education as an important component of the national idea".
12.00-12. 20. The performance of Bajtalûk О. М., art. off. CAF. Law Institute of the society of the University. Hrinchenko "Corruption in education: results of the study."
12.40-13.00. The performance of the Carp ʼ of l.a., a social psychologist, Executive Director of the NGO "MEANING"-"educational reform as a basis for reforming the society."
13.00 – 13.20. Speech by Vladimir Kolodzìns′kogo, representative of "patriotic forces Bloc" – "national idea or how to become the master of their own country."
14.00 – 14.20. Summing up the Conference.

Conference materials will be released within two weeks, and those wishing to teacher-practitioners we invite to cooperation of the Forum and the subsequent sessions of the Conference.

With respect, the organizers of the event is "sense"

Dear teachers and parents! NGO "social and economic innovations in society" ("MEANING") you sincerely thanks for the care to their pets, the ability to convey to them the promìncì of their own hearts, patriotism, love of the native land.
Our Organization for two years is concerned with the problems of education, seeks to establish a public dialogue between teachers, students, parents and guidance. We are deeply concerned about the status of the reform of the education and science. We invite you to active cooperation in this direction. Contact: website:
We sincerely appreciate the participation and the desire to cooperate, while engaging their peers, parents and students.
Chairman of the Board is Professor of the Institute of applied system analysis Alexander Makarenko, Executive Director – social psychologist, pedagogue Carp ʼ of Larisa. Contact tel. 0951678955