Mobile application for free legal advice

Mobile application for free legal advice

Get free primary legal assistance possible, installing an application on a Smartphone Android system. Rules and details the use of application Information lawyers legal resource center.

Координаторка "Правового Простору" Анна Мартинюк та юрист Володимир Орловський. Фото: Наталя Бімбірайте, ІРЦ "Правовий Простір".
Lawyers launched a mobile application for free consultation

Get free primary legal assistance can be installing an application on a Smartphone Android system. Rules and details the use of application Information lawyers Resource Center "legal space" explained at the workshop, held March 30 at the Festival DocudaysUA.

Координаторка "Правового Простору" Анна Мартинюк ознайомила учасників воркшопу з мобільним додатком. Фото: Наталя Бімбірайте, ІРЦ "Правовий Простір"

Coordinator of the "Legal Space" Anna Martyniuk told participants to a mobile application.
Photo: Natalya Bìmbìrajte, PRODUCED By The "Legal Space"

"Lawyer in your Smartphone" is exactly the kind of salogan chose for his service "legal space". It is a unique development of the team portal and allows you to receive the advice of the lawyer at any time and in any place in the presence of the Internet. It is worth noting that after the appendix you can get only the primary legal aid.

People can chat anonymously get initial consultation with any legal issues, i.e., get advice or legal. Live chat provides the answer, which directs to the solution of the issue. Then man goes and solves the problem. If the question is complex, you need to become familiar with the documents. On-line make it impossibleCoordinator, explains the legal portal space " Anna Martyniuk.

In such cases, lawyers direct the people to the nearest centre of legal information and advice to partners from the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union or local Centres for the provision of free secondary legal aid.

According to the lawyer of NGO "Informational resource centre" legal space " Vladimir Orlovsky, consultations through the app you can get from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 16.00. If there is a need to put the issue on the non-business hours, it is best to do this under"Legal advice within 24 hours" on the "legal space". The written response of the lawyer will be a maximum of 24 hours.

The number of legal advice on the portal is growing rapidly. Many questions come and chat, and the portal. If the past 2015 we have 2813 advice chat, then only 3 months 2016 – their already 3016says Vladimir Orlovsky. – Today 37 issues of the day – this is the norm for a lawyer. Therefore, we plan to recruit volunteers to work on several fellow lawyers to effectively help people.

"Legal space" invites to cooperation of lawyers who wish to join the work of the service. To do this, you must send a letter to the lawyer Vladimir Orel:

If you are having issues installing the mobile application on your phone, contact your it specialist portal Dmitry Zhukov:

Author: Helen Orlov