Materials of scientific-practical Conference (Kyiv, 26.12.14 and 13.01.15)

Reform in Ukraine: illusion and reality

Materials of scientific-practical Conference

(Kyiv, December 26, 2004, and January 13, 2015)

Kyiv – 2016

Reform in Ukraine: the illusion and reality. Materials of scientific-practical Conference. – Kyiv: "Sprint service, 2016. -68 c.

ISBN 978-617-7021-38-3

The Conference was organized by the NGO "social and economic innovations in society" ("CENS") with the active support of the National Academy of management (NAU) and the Museum of aviation (Kiev).
It is attended by leading scientists, experts, experts from various areas of the implementation of social reforms.
The main topics examined were the following: a systemic analysis of the reforms; the economic and psychological aspects of the reform process; revision of legislation; legal aspects; features of the functioning of society; safety and health; education and science; the administrative reform and local samovrâduannâ; economic conflicts in the area of property rights.
The Conference included a number of appearances with reports in the framework of the prepared program (plenary, section), as well as discussing the format of the round table, a series of presentations, professional advice that the predicted usebìčnij the consideration of issues and proposals for their solution.
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ISBN 978-605-7021-38-3 © "meaning" 2016

The CONTENT of the

Table of contents 3
Foreword by Prof. Alexander Makarenko, Chairman of the NGO "MEANING" 4
Global aspects of the local problems of Ukraine. Prof. Alexander Makarenko, head of Department of Institute of applied system analysis of NTUU "KPI". 5
Aim and self-organization. Features of self-organization of social systems. Gennadiy Poveschenko, Institute for applied system analysis of NTUU "KPI". 8
Crimea and Ukraine another: psihokul′turnì reasons and problems of integration. Roman Zrajko, ʼ Carp LC 13
Socio-psychological underpinnings of legal relations in Ukraine. Larisa Carp ʼ LC, Executive Director of NGO "meaning" 23
Social consciousness as determìnanta State development. Valeria Žovtâns′ka, Institute of social and political psychology of Ukraine 27
Overcoming political and legal heritage of Andrei Wyszyński University in the structure of the State order of Ukraine. Dmitriy Dobryy, doctoral student of the National Pedagogical University named after m. Dragomanov 30
The reform of the administrative-territorial division of Ukraine: illusions and reality. Radim Wrasse, the National Pedagogical University named after m. Dragomanov 34
Semìotiko-legal aspects of the reform of the legal system of Ukraine. Oleh Pavlyshyn, a doctoral student at the National Academy of Internal Affairs of the 43
Geographic information systems as a means to support the reforms. Examples and possibilities. Lytvynenko, Institute for applied system analysis of NTUU "KPI". 47
Intellectual property rights in works of fine art:
the right to the following. Yury Gandzûk, Deputy Head of the public Council at the State intellectual property service, the Chairman of the Committee on copyright and related rights, the Chairman of the Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Agency of copyright," Vlasov m. 50
Constitutionality as the principle of the reform of higher education of Ukraine. Vladimir Kovtunec′, associate of the National Academy of management, the Expert Alliance promoting external testing (USETI). 56
Health care reform ʼ I – nebhìdnì. Ruslan Dobrovolskyi doctor, general practitioner, head of the Kiev branch of the "Public service of Ukraine", the Member of the public Council under the Ministry of health of ʼ I. 61
Urgent problems of biosafety in Ukraine. Zinaida Klestova, Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs, Head Department of the scientific accompaniment of problems of biosafety and bìorizikìv State research and control Institute of biotechnology and the strains of microorganisms. 63


Now Ukraine is going through a difficult period, which may determine her way on the Decade. The main new factor was Evromajdan, expressed the mood of a very large part of the population – for many, obviously, but for many their desire yet lucid (say, for ordinary residents of the East and South).
Thinking about how to extend the understanding pislyamaydannoyi Ukraine can come to some proposals of various issues. But to offer ongoing advice it seems that even the tactical problems now should proceed from the general understanding of the current situation and general issues of building the future of Ukraine and desirable for the functioning of the state.
In the first place is due to the fact that Ukraine has neglected analytical work both in General and with regard to specific problems, and in the sphere of functioning of the State nakopičilas′ a very large number of calls and nerozglânutih tasks. At the same time these issues are very complicated, require hard work, interest groups, politicians, study and taking into account the reactions of society and the formation of proposals on these issues.
Thus, in Ukraine remain nerozv ʼ s choices of strategic ways and mechanisms for their implementation.
The proposed collection is launching a series of publications that aims to gather together the reasoning of many related ʼ related between the important issues. The basis of the collection consists of the advanced options of the reports at the Conference on "reform in Ukraine: the illusion and reality", which was organized by the NGO "MEANING" (NGO "social and economic innovations in society"). The Conference was held in two sessions: December 26, 2004, the National Academy of Ukraine with the assistance of the Rector of the Academy, Prof., dokt. Department of economic. Sciences Serhiy Yerokhin Arkadievich and January 13, 2015 at the National Museum in the perception of the Museum Director candidate. East. Science Spring Galina Ivanovna. The materials are accompanied by articles on topics related to ʼ associated with sociology, information technology for society and history.
In particular, in the collection reviewed the global scenario of the evolution of humanity and Ukraine's place in them; problems of biosafety; the question of the history of jurisprudence in ʼ with modernity; Sociology and psychology of the society in General and specifically in Ukraine.

Alexander Makarenko, dokt. physical-mathematical sciences, Professor,
Director of the "meaning"