Public report on the activity of "sense"

Public report on the activities of the "MEANING" of July 7, 2015 to December 30, 2016 year

During the reporting period (one year) our organisation carried out work on a number of areas, namely:

1. Aid to the ATO, who fought in the East.
2. European integration.
3. The application of scientific knowledge and systemic approaches to the work of the small and medium enterprises and the reform of education.
4. Scientific and analytical activities.
5. Charitable and advisory activities.
6. participation in training programs for non-governmental organizations.

1. Aid to the ATO, who fought in the East.

1.1 during the period of activity of the Organization, it was decided to assist in establishing and organization of medical rehabilitation and psychotherapeutic assistance to those volunteers and victims on independence square that needed. In cooperation with the Organization "Public service of Kiev (head of Dobrovolsky and) and spas Darnytsa was organized the work of the five groups of rehabilitation that have helped improve the health of šestidesâtom participants. Tightening with many organizations, medical institutions, the City Department of health, etc. on a comprehensive approach to this problem.

1.2 initiated by Avenue p (Chairman of the Organization of the "Public Service") we helped organize the training on legal literacy for the combatants. As a result of cooperation with Campo VM, a member of the Constitutional Court, retired, who conducted this study, a comprehensive program of rehabilitation training cycle. Unfortunately, its implementation ended only due to lack of funding.

1.3 termination of cooperation with spas Darnytsa began spìvdìâlnìst with the Kyiv City Organization of Veterans of the ATO: was the permanent information campaign to attract all those wishing to take a course of treatment or rehabilitation. Such activities lasted for eight months. By this time it was informed to about možlivostï of their treatment and rehabilitation both in Kyiv and all over Ukraine. It was tightening with a number of institutions and the developed algorithm to aid in obtaining health care for all in need. At the request of the participant ATO Prijmačenka Dmitry created a website of the Union of Subsequently, this work continued employees Union.

1.4 during the reporting period we have carried out a number of measures to teach the entrepreneurial activity of those combatants who have been at the front and wished to resume his business activities.
The site was created by the "Bereginya" (, which was widely reported in the business and learning it was touted for the privileged. In addition, we have created a site of our Organization, "meaning", which cover its activities.
2. European and international cooperation.

We participated in all known measures, announced by the European Union. In particular, in the training program of Erasmus +, COSME and etc.
For example, during the second session program COSME, we participated in a training program to attract stakeholders. Our part was announcing the program from business training that we aprobuvali in the process of dialogue at the Roundtable.

Результатом навчання стало отримання двох сертифікатів програми COSME.
„Interest based negotation and mediation in public private dialogue”
“Analytics in Public Private Dialogue”
Received certificate "Instructor for the prevention and treatment of PTSD" by r. Franklin Pûselìka (META Internacional Inc. Based in California, 1977)

In cooperation with the University of b. Grinchenko (educational institution of the Kiev City Administration) and the city authorities of the city of pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi is intense preparation for international students of the Academy, which volunteered to engage foreign colleagues from Austria, Poland, Bulgaria and planned to recruit colleagues from other countries. This Academy students from the countries of the European Union will get acquainted with the best achievements of Ukrainian and European scientists. Model event of such activities was the dvomìsâčne workshop the head of our Organization Professor Makarenko o.s. French student from the University of Nancy, who gave very positive feedback about this training over the summer. Together with the Institute of journalism, a division of the University of b. Grinchenko, we are planning a series of events highlighting the benefits of such cooperation, conducting cultural activities within the framework of European cooperation.

In particular, on March 30, we prepared and will be held the Conference "collaboration Ukraine-Europe: challenges and prospects" on the basis of the Law Faculty of the University of b. Grinchenko.
During the year of preparation before the Festival of science and culture "youth of Ukraine and Europe – together into the future" in pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky and the Festival of the Ukrainian-Polish culture in Koziatyn Vinnytsia region dedicated to vìdnahodžennû the graves of Timosha Paduri, propagandist of Ukrainian-Polish cooperation in the 19th century.

Working closely with the portal "Wschodnic" and Polish-Ukrainian Fund, located in Kraków.

Chairman Makarenko Alexander is a permanent participant of international conferences and international events dedicated to Analytics of the Ukrainian-European cooperation.

3. All our achievements in the field of small and medium-sized businesses prepare for publication as articles on business-studies and suggestions for COSME, now we maintain relationships with several business associations of Ukraine.

4. in June and July before last year took an active part in the Working Group on reform of the Constitution of Ukraine, under the leadership of Butkeviča Vladimir Mikhailovich (while work on preparation of the section on rights and freedoms of citizens).

Prepared and conducted jointly with the national aviation University Conference on "reform in Ukraine: the illusion and reality" at the expense of its printed collection of articles from the Conference.
Held two conferences together with Kyiv Museum of Hetmanship to reform the Ukrainian education system. Conference materials are being prepared for publication.

Participated in a Conference on reforming the Constitution in sections Research Institute of law at the University named after Boris Grinchenko and etc.

5.1. One and a half years ago, appealed to us Ulaŝuk Dmitry, a member of the area to help in the treatment and finding the funding for the treatment of cancer of the fourth degree. During the year, which he is ill, we periodically helped in hospitalization in znahodžžennâ money on medication, chemotherapy etc unfortunately was collected only UAH 10 000, but this amount was relevant in critical periods of his life.

5.2. The request for legal support to us called Bilas Irene, activist of the Ternopil region on legal support in its activities. The problem was the placement of the Hospice next to children's educational institution. For four months, we helped with obtaining qualified free assistance in this direction.

6. Thanks to the support of the European Union, American Consulting Centre we have several courses training for NGOs and received certificates in the following areas: treatment for post traumatic syndrome among fighters ATO, conflictology and stakeholders. The knowledge we plan to use for further activities of our organìzacìïï.

Executive Director of the NGO "meaning"
Karp'yuk Larissa A.