Electronic information assistant director Giscuit-Region

Our team of reformers engaged in the study of how system changes and the development of applications which points are the most effective efficient for all of us. We want to talk about electronic information assistant director (Giscuit-Region), proposed by experts and innovators.

Specialist in the field of mathematical modeling, nonlinear analysis, geographic information systems.
He graduated from MVTU IM. N. Bauman (1981).
Working in the Department for applied nonlinear analysis of ESC Institute for applied system analysis of NTUU «KPI» in November 1996 for a transfer from the Institute of Cybernetics. V.m. Glushkov as Chief programmer.
Research interests related to mathematical modeling, nonlinear analysis of dynamic systems, cellular machines, the use of geographic information systems.

Electronic information assistant director Giscuit-Region


District Director is the chief administrator and manager. Obviously, the management of such a complex administrative complex requires enormous effort and very challenging.
Successful management must have the desire and opportunity. If you wish, you are controls area.

To help the manager offered electronic information assistant manager.
Electronic information is assistant director of software and hardware system that allows the owner to have on-line access to official information in 24 x 7 access to data offered from a landline or any mobile device that has an Internet connection.

Thanks Giscuit-Region Head (and / or his assistants) are always on your device relevant data updating rate which depends on thoroughness staff.

Features Electronic Information Assistant manager

Electronic information assistant director (Giscuit-Region) is software that allows you to integrate data from various public and private sources. For example, to access the cadastral system of urban architecture and data Vodokanal.
Demonstrate the use Giscuit-Region to detail data communications networks on the example of the utility.
Figure 1 shows the water access to the information on the various map basis.

Figure 1

The figure shows that Giscuit-Region contains a large collection of cartographic substrates that display special data (water and sewerage). In other words, a manager can unaided see the current state of life the area of ​​data and customize to your taste and discretion.

Preparatory action to control the area

We know that to manage the facility should determine the management goal (or objective function), output parameters and control parameters.
The first step in constructing a managed process is the definition of "original state". To fix the initial state should make an inventory object (available resources, potential costs required to support the operation). Inventory (creation of an electronic infrastructure) can perform mobile customers Giscuit-Region.
Next you need to select the start point of reference by which you can keep track of changes. The starting point can take the statistics for the past year (or half) and select a set of indicators that should be monitored. The priority indicators include finance (revenue/expenditure) and public opinion. These indicators has complicated spatially-distributed structure, and depend on many external and internal factors. All information is stored in the system and can be displayed on the next map.

The process of monitoring the implementation of tasks

Giscuit-Region includes coordination process electronic documents. Using this module, the task manager can give every slave and observe the process of the task. The system remembers where in time artist worked on the task.
Using at a lower level allows to control work and emergency repair crews. Manager can give the task to the next map, monitor the progress of the task, and the manager can observe the process. In Fig. 2 shows the solution photofixation meter readings, that the controller gave the photograph shows the counter. Results, time and place of work are recorded in the system's memory.

Figure 2Fig. 2. use another card AE

Another object map is dynamic and requires constant updating. Another map update service be responsible for their area of ​​work. Updates can be done in different ways (from manual data entry to allow access using web services). As a regular card users distinguish several main groups:

  1. Administrative management of AE.
  2. Protection, Security and Emergency Services.
  3. Public utilities serving AE.
  4. Material - technical support
  5. Management of public transport
  6. Appeals troubleshooting and monitoring and complaints.
  7. Health topics
  8. Education
  9. Other


If you want to know more details about the electronic information assistant manager Giscuit-Region or test it work on your data please refer to our organization
Examples of use Giscuit can be found at http://giscuit.com/documentation
Appendix 1. Classification of data
All specific information falls into one of the following:

  1. Security
  2. Government services
  3. Roads and transport
  4. Leisure and Recreation
  5. Utilities
  6. Caring for animals
  7. Health
  8. Land and property
  9. Culture
  10. Education
  11. Public authorities
  12. Pedestrian infrastructure
  13. Business
  14. Link
  15. Seasonal datasets
  16. Social environment
  17. reference information
  18. Territorial division
  19. Trading
  20. Employment
  21. Road network
  22. Physical culture and sport

Application. System modeling road construction MapXPlus
Problems in the construction of roads
• No exact schedule of temporary construction
• Do not use transparent finance the construction of roads. No one can argue that for the construction of roads need as many cubes asphalt, gravel so much, so much fuel and technology. Everything is about "the eye" that makes it possible to steal materials in unlimited quantities.
• Lack of control over the process
the main goal
1. To generate minutely schedule for each participant in the process of building the road that he has to do much to drive kilometers, bring when bring.
2. On the basis of the plan to monitor the observance of all rules and regulations.
1. Handling construction process
2. Quality Assurance road, there is no possibility to bring the planned amount not material and they just write off as shaken all other graphics on others.
3. Reduction of construction costs.

Brief description of the methodology of the system
Software system with integrated GIS. The system made the technological cards, about what it takes to build a specific meter. Next, the system calculates the schedule. For example, you must first remove the old cover. For this you need 2 types of vehicles: tractor and loading machine for removal of old coating. Norm works in this operation the following. For the new cover need to bring gravel, smooth and packed it. Take the gravel you need a mobile plant. The system calculates the run of each vehicle, temporary regulations. Tasks to minimize downtime of each participant, increase efficiency, reduce costs.
The system expects to be building costs if the mobile plants will be located in different locations, and calculate the optimal amount of resources, with terms ending work.

He trained – SAMORODOV EUGENE LVOVICH, specialist in the field of mathematical modeling, nonlinear analysis and geographic information systems.